Bhanacoyne Samira

We endeavour to breed Maine Coon's with the best of health, temperament and type. Genuine enquiries about the breed in general are more than welcome however those who do not share our passion for the Maine Coon as a breed are NOT!!!

We do not sell kittens for breeding and on the active register, only to those we know & trust. We do not breed Maine Coon crosses for a 'cheaper option' or allow such into our stud boys so please don't ask.

Catteries breeding Maine Coons with no respect or love of the breed or their cats are cropping up every day, especially on free advertising sites. What may initially seem like a bargain is often the most expensive in the long run.

When purchasing your kitten please look for a reputable and registered breeder that you feel comfortable with and that raise their kittens with the very best of care. They should have a sound knowledge of the breed and be able to answer any questions you may have. They should keep their cats in good condition and suitable surroundings. Often your best guide is your instinct but if the breeder does not have the best interests of their cats, you and your new addition at heart then walk away. A kitten should not leave for a new homes before the age of approximately 13 weeks.

All that said we are more than willing to answer any questions we possibly can to a new kitten owner and no question is silly or unimportant. All our kittens leave for their new home with a lifetime backup of advice and support. We will always take back any babies brought into the world at our hands, always!