Sweetie had a Red Card day at the Lancashire Cat Club show which was the first time she had been on the show bench. 1st in her Open, Best of Breed & 3 x 1st in her side classes.
Sweetie gained her 1st CC from Mrs D. Butters at Northern Counties on 30/05/15. Her 2nd CC from Mr S. Crow at Durham on 30/5/15. Sweetie gained her 3rd CC from Mrs P.Perkins at the Lakeland & District Cat cluc show on 20/06/2015 making her a Champion before she was 11 months old.
Sabre was awarded his 1st PC on the 14/3/15 at the Lancashire show by Mr J Hansson, his 2nd on 12/4/15 at the Midland Counties show by Mrs B Prowse and his 3rd on 25/4/15 at the Bedford show by Mrs V Kilby.
Making him a Premier at the young age of 11 months.
I thought it would be wise to take a break from the show bench just to give him time to mature as he would be going up against the big boys. But Mandy & Paul who own Sabre had started to enjoy the shows so much they thought they would give the Grands a go.
Low and behold didn't our Sabbie Baby go on to surprise us all.
He was awarded his 1st GPC on 16/5/15 at Suffolk & Norfolk show by Mrs C de Martino, his 2nd on 30/5/15 at Durham by Mrs S Tokens and his 3rd on 30/5/15 at Northern Counties by Mrs L Dutton.
Making our lovely laid back Sabbie baby a Grand Premier at the very young age of 11 months 3 weeks old.
Sabre then had a go at the Imperial Classes.
Here he was awarded his 1st Imperial Certificate on the 11/7/15 at the Kensington show by Mrs E Culf, his 2nd on 8/8/15 at the Chester & North Wales show by Mrs S Tokens, his 3rd on 22/8/15 at the Teeside show by Mr J Hansson, his 4th on 19/9/15 at the East Sussex show by Mrs L Grant and his 5th on 3/10/15 at the Maine Coon Breed Society show by Mrs A Lyall.
This made Sabre an Imperial Grand Premier at the age of 15 month, what an awesome boy.
I would like to say a great big thank you to Mandy & Paul for all the hard work they put in to showing him.
Tilli gained her 1st CC from
Mrs S. Tokens at Preston & Blackpool on 24/03/12. Second CC from Mrs Perkins at Durham on 26/5/12. Third from Mrs E. Culf on 16/6/13 making her a Champion before she was a year old. Tilli gaining her 1st Grand Challenge Certificate thanks to the judge Mrs De Martino at the Lancashire Cat Club show. Her second GCC from Mrs S. Tokens at Northern Counties on 30/05/15. Tilli gained her 3rd GCC from Ms J. Clare at the Lakeland & District Cat Club show on the 20/06/2015 making her a Grand Champion.
This is Fury, he's Sabres little brother and also lives with Sabre.
He's 9 months old and has been on the show scene since he was 3 and a half month old.
He likes his show days and all the attention he gets.
He's yet to come home from a show without usually being awarded First in Class and Best of Breed in his kitten classes.
To top those amazing acheivements he was awarded Best in Show Semi-Longhair Kitten at the Preston and Blackpool show.
In his next show he starts his adult show career and we all have our fingers and paws crossed for him.